Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Late Summer Blooms

Don't get bored now. We are back on the ridge top garden where plants, just plants, are the main focus of things. In time the Garden To Be may contain more "yahd aht". I've got plans and have been collecting things.

For now late summer brings a new cast of flowers to the show. The Great Blue Lobelia, Lobelia siphilitica has wandered the entire mountain top.

We have asters, asters for every season. The White Wood Aster, Eurybia divaricata favors the shadier forest edges.

Turtlehead, Chelone cuthbertii is all over the place too. Sadly most of it is skeletonized to bare stems every year before it has a chance to bloom.

The Anemone japonica are blooming, a sure sign that the end is near. The anemone are really quite rambunctious and can cover a lot of ground.

I love how the lirope blooms here and need to put it to use in the garden to be.

There is plenty to dig and transplant.

A few random sedums live in the ridge top garden. They do ok for the shade they have to deal with. I know where cuttings can be had for my sunnier situations. I like plants that you can just stick cuttings in the ground and that will root.

In late summer a shower is nearing completion. I have reached the tiny sliver at the top.

The track for the glass block is in and the right side wall has begun. It should be nearly complete and grouted by Monday. I say nearly complete because the last bit of tile that will fit around the top of the glass block wall must wait until the glass block is in. The building contractor wants me to wait until he has returned from a month at the beach to do the glass block. I suppose I can do that. I can paint the walls and do the trim, build kitchen cabinets, paint the outside.....

After I goof off for a week.

A new client called.

An old client called.

It's almost time to plant bulbs.

It's almost time for appliances in the cozy cabin, but someones want me and my mouse eating kitties to stay in their house for the winter?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the way the lirope lines the pathway. Those little blooms last a long time in a vase.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Wow, that liriope is blooming like crazy! I think you posted earlier about those blooms and how you never had it bloom in the tropics. It's strange because I have some here in the tropics that is blooming and then some other that is not. I'll have to figure that one out....
Shower looks great. I love that green glass tile! You done good!!! Can't wait to see the painted rooms with the colors you chose. It makes me want to go and paint my house all over again with some zippy colors! I know you are anxious to get finished and moved in, but be thankful you have a cozy place to stay until all gets done! I have a feeling you might be moving before the end of winter though. :)

Lola said...

Beautiful sunsets.
The shower tiles look fantastic. I knew it would with your choices.
Still plenty of pretty blooms for the mtns. Always did love it. Fall is so different.

Anonymous said...

I am ready for fall after a hot summer and love your fall blooms. Also love the shower! Also love the idea you are taking a week off; you are wearing me out watching you! (:


Antique ART Garden said...

Shower looks great. Still love your cat.

Karen said...

I'm just three hours away from you in Greensboro and have been lurking for sometime; just enjoying the pictures and getting ideas for my teeny tiny garden.

But, I don't know, Christopher, it sounds like you're getting yard art from some New Englander. Are you abandoning NC for places up North?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I had thought of doing a labyrinth with the liriope.

Siria I think the interior painting, possibly some exterior, will be September's work. Moving day is closer.

Lola we will have blooms into fall with the blue wood aster up next. I have seen the first hint of color in some leaves.

Bev, I have 3 days planned for my week off so far.

Thanks Gina. The kitties do have their good attributes when they are not waking me at 4am to go outside.

Hi Karen. When it comes to art I don't discriminate as to source. Matter of fact, I saw plenty of great "yahd aht in Chicago and Buffalo at the garden blogger confabs. I'm staying put here though.