Friday, August 6, 2010

Tax Time

It's that time of year again, when the varmint raccoon takes a tax on my sweet corn. I am used to it now and try to plant enough for all of us. But the Seneca Sugarburst hybrid sweet corn from Burpee was a big disappointment and it is a low yield year for corn. Eighty percent of the Seneca Sugarburst sweet corn failed to produce any ears at all. No silk, no ears, no corn. Nothin. This corn is eight feet tall and tasseled just fine. The other crop of Burpee sweet corn, Early and Often made plenty corn. And the raccoon took his share.

It has been a bad year for yellow squash and zucchini too. My giant sunflower crop may have cast a wee bit too much shade and been a little greedy with the soil nutrients. Next year I don't think there will be so many sunflowers let go to do their thing.

Still every other day several full and heavy sacks of produce are carried to the chef. Many sacks of produce have also been sent off with friends and neighbors. One can't get too upset when there is more produce than three people can realistically eat. And we have been eating a lot of produce.

The now grown baby kitties are of no use when it comes to the raccoon. That is a good thing really. A raccoon is not a varmint a cat should tangle with.

I can tell the roadside vegetable garden is already beginning to wind down for the season.

A third sowing of corn and second sowings of cucumbers, parsnips, potatoes, carrots and lettuce were done several weeks ago. Weathers depending it is possible to get another crop before the end comes.

What else could I plant? I look at the rows opening up and want to fill them. More beets. Another attempt at spinach with which my luck after germination is pitiful. The spinach disappears in the night.

I always get plenty and they get some too.


chuck b. said...

A third sowing of corn... that sounds great!

Someday when I have a real vegetable garden I'll do whatever I have to to keep the varmints out. Including a chicken-wire top over chank link fence if I have to.

Christopher C. NC said...

I don't think I could do such a thing in the roadside vegetable garden. It would destroy the ambiance and that is so urban and so not country. No one around here fences their gardens?

Lola said...

Wow, that is great. I'm sure the Chef appreciates that. Don't it taste much better when you grow it yourself? Your garden is still gorgeous.
Sure hope the coons didn't take it all.
Sounds good that you plan to have a Fall garden.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Turnips. I love to go to the garden and pull turnips when it starts getting cold. Tell your kitties not to even get near the racoon. Racoons can hold their own with big dogs I don't want your kitties to get beat up or worse.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Fresh produce ~ YUM! Your garden is lush, and even though the racoons are helping themselves and the sunflowers are shedding too much shade, it sounds like life has been good! Have you brought the chef some of those stunning sunflowers so she can enjoy them in her kitchen while she cooks?! I think I'll bring my shovel and bucket next spring when you are shedding some sunflowers. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of the cats! Do they sleep nose to nose very often?

Kitty Cunningham said...

My little peach tree had fruit for the first time. A deer ate every damn one in one night spitting the pits out around the base of the tree. They were still green. It got the last of the plums a couple of days later.

We had thought we were going to top the trees to make it easier to get to the fruit as they get bigger, but we are rethinking the height, now. We are willing to pay the taxes, but not at 100%.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I hope to get a good second crop of things, even though the main production comes in July and August.

Lisa I can't get my chef to cook turnips. They would be best most likely for after the chef leaves. Yea raccoons are mean street fighters.

Siria I will have several tons of sunflower seed to share. I'm thinking to sow them after it gets cold so they don't germinate until spring. The ones that came up on their own are much bigger than any I have sowed in spring.

Sallysmom they do get quite comfy with each other on my bed at times, until they start a fight.

Kitty we had a 90% tax on the blueberries this year. Some dern birds got them.