Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rogue Tiles

At work on Friday two rooted cuttings of Viburnum plicatum and a couple of big fat Rodgersia rhizomes fell out of the ground so I spent my morning doing some gardening. A little weeding ensued. I try to keep the Lush at bay around things I plant to give them a fighting chance. One day a garden will emerge.

I am quite pleased with the Cotoneaster dammeri 'Streibs Findling'. I bought three and two are already beginning to merge. Last year I pulled rooted cuttings from the main plants to spread them further. Those have done well and I need to do that again soon, like in the next week or so. Now if they would just grow uphill. Gravity is a powerful thing.

Year two of the Hibiscus moscheutos grown from seed has seen a couple of blooms on tiny plants. In time they should get as large as the one in the roadside flowerbed.

While weeding this area I found all kinds of baby Joe Pye Weed and and seedlings of the dwarf pink spirea. The resident gardeners have been wanting some of the dark burgundy Joe Pye to replace their wimpy white form that they ruthlessly kill. Soon there will be plenty of the good Joe Pye to share.

This afternoon I was happily tiling away. Got to fit in cabin construction somewhere. Nearing the end of my bucket of mortar, I step back to look and what is that? In a gleaming wall of bleached white tiles is a rogue dull gray white tile. It didn't fit right either. I look again. It is a different color of white. Holy crap! It looks like one bad tooth in an otherwise perfect smile of super white teeth.

And then I found another rogue tile already stuck to the wall from the afternoon's work. They came off quickly. The two in the middle are about an 1/8th of an inch bigger and just a hair on the matte finish/grey side. How did they get inside a full box of the other tiles I would like to know. Now I will be paranoid for the rest of the job.

That other bathroom is nearing completion, but the source of the misery after disassembly and re-caulking still leaks. Maybe that shower just needs all new glass panels and framing. More caulk will be tried first of course.

Once my carefully watched shower tile job is done I am gonna have me a whole week of goofing off. I will try at least. The upcoming West Asheville Garden Stroll where I have been volunteering should help.


Siria said...

Hi Christopher! The shower tiles look fabulous. I can't believe they had some "stray" tiles in the box. Thank goodness you caught it in time! Good luck with the repairs at the Resident Gardner's house. It sounds like you all have had your hands full there!

Can't wait to take the West Asheville Garden stroll through your posts. I remember how awesome last year's garden stroll was. It's always fun to have something to look forward to as you finish a project!

Gail said...

Poor quality control for sure Christopher~But it looks great. gail

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria the resident gardeners bathroom remodel should be done right when they head to St. Augustine for the month. Yes thank goodness I saw the bad tile in time. I would have had a cow if I finished it then saw it.

This WAGS will have more gardens on tour and in new areas. It will be almost completely different than last year.

Gail I expect that in open bins at Lowes and the Depot, not in a sealed full box. Now you know it could have been opened and closed back up.