Saturday, March 31, 2012

Art Project With The Blue Pot

It was always my father's wish that something be done with the Blue Pot. Well today that effort made it to the top of the list of things to do. I needed to go to town for a 3/4 inch threaded nipple for connecting the hose bib on the outside of my stock tank well head cover - didn't work. I need one with continuous thread and no stop point in the middle so it protrudes far enough inside for another connection - and stopped to harvest some bamboo along the way.

The Blue Pot is now filled with bamboo.

My real job today was turning the resident gardener's house back on for her return next week. It involved cleaning and finishing putting the house back together from the flooring work done last fall.

The cherry trees in the wild cultivated garden are starting to bloom.

After a short mild heat wave, cool is set to return by the end of the week. Maybe the cherry trees will still be blooming when the sisters deliver Bulbarella to her mountain top. The Dogwoods may be in full bloom by then.

I visited Chuck B's blog who has been having a wonderful spurt of blogging this week. Must be spring break. I totally stole this idea from his visit to the sculpture gardens at Sierra Azul Nursery. If you visit Chuck be sure to click to the main page. He has visited Filoli and UC Santa Cruz Arboretum since this post.

Next, wine bottles will be placed on the ends of the bamboo poles. Art project complete. Unless I decide to shorten the poles a foot or so. I have to study it some.

It is still a bit upsetting that my father won't be coming back to see his Blue Pot art project completed. He would understand though. There are so many projects and never enough time.

Plants he chose for the garden to replace ones lost in the Great Easter Freeze of 2007 will remind of us him.


chuck b. said...

Haha that worked out well! And so quickly! Awesome. I forgot you had that blue pot. Are you going to collect some multi-colored bottles for it, or go commando?

chuck b. said...

Yes, now that I read the next sentence I see that you are. I'm really out of practice reading.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes you spurred me to action.

Letters aren't the same as numbers I suppose. At your level though you probably don't use numbers anymore, just all those squiggly symbols that mean some obscure function.

Colored wine bottles. The poles will age brown. I have four leftover. Need a few more.

Lola said...

That cleaning sure will be nice for the return.
Love that blue pot & you have made a good decision to finish the project. I'm sure it will be appreciated & approved.
I now have all the materials to put my bottle tree up. Yaaaaaa.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I hope someone notices her house and garden are all in order unlike returning in years past.

You could call the Blue Pot art project a variation on the bottle tree.

Siria said...

Christopher, You are such a great son! I know she is so appreciative of all you do. Love the new art project. Do I need to start saving more wine bottles for you?

Christopher C. NC said...

Thanks Siria, but I had a few wine bottles left over and pulled four green ones out of my edging. That will do the job.

Garden Broad said...

Nice job!