Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Few Flowers Before Bedtime

Steady work kind work has been wearing me out. It doesn't help that I keep working here when I am not working out there. I'm going to bed.

It was another beautiful day. To perfect to pass up an evening stroll. I had a camera in hand and the whole time I was thinking I should ditch the camera and bring my CobraHead Weeder. A real gardener is never too tired to weed.


Anonymous said...

Work does seem to tire one out but provides for a more restful slumber. Love those blooms.
Have a very restful night, my friend.

Lola said...

Must have hit wrong button but it's me. Lola

Barry said...

Aloha, Chris,
I know how you mean. I just ordered another hori-hori [first one got stolen from my checked bag on United], and my neighbor borrowed my back-up one to start his little garden, once he saw how handy that thing can be. I would probably carry it on trips to Foodland.....naw, jes' kiddin'. Do you find that you have to sharpen the Cobra very often?
Those blooms look so pretty!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of those beautiful blooms lure you into the garden even when you are tired. There is so much to see you don't want to miss anything. Even the weeds are calling.