Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Has Snowed All Day

The snow flurries started at 10am and kept at it all day. It was the passing snow shower kind, mixed with sunshine that went from light flurries to major snowfall on and off, on and off. It would stick and unstick. At the end of the day there wasn't much snow left to record what had been happening all day.

Enough sunshine mixed with the steady snowfall and the residual heat in the ground from a series of 70 degree days proved stiff competition for a return of winter even though it didn't get above 30 today.

The diagnosis still says the real snow will come in the night. The skies have now cleared. The snow has stopped falling. We shall see how true that will be. They keep promising me inches of snow that never materialize.

Tiny white lines and small half circles in the north facing shadows are all that remain of a steady snowfall throughout the day.

This has been the wimpiest winter of five since I have been up here.


Jason said...

We've had a wimpy winter in Chicago as well. Last year we got just walloped with snow. This year we've had mild spells in January, February ... Now it's turned moderately cold, but the mild winter has made me impatient for a real spring thaw.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It snowed here last night. The roads are clear but it sure looks pretty. I can say that becasue it won't be here by the end of the day. You might get a glimpse of how your rocks look in the snow this morning.