Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Borrowing Spring

Spring starts at the bottom and works its way up to the top. I have the good fortune of working in many lower elevation gardens where spring is more advanced while I wait for spring to get high enough to reach me.

There is looking to be a short delay. The current diagnosis is suggesting there is a very good chance of the white kind not rain before the rain comes in this next wave of precipitation. Not the least bit unusual for April.

A big swath of the beautiful blue chionodoxa are blooming in a garden lower down. I'm thinking I need to order a giant sack of these to plant in the fall. The more I plant the more seed they will set and the faster they will spread.

More creeping phlox would be nice. I have more sunny hillsides were it would do just fine. I just prefer to buy it once it has landed in the discard rack.

Next week is still looking very spring like temperature wise. Spring should make its way up here to the top shortly.


Dianne said...

I worked outside to free some day lilies from English Ivy today. Hate the stuff but spouse thinks it's great. He does not do any of the gardening. I am hoping that over the weekend, we can get the vegetable garden going. I hear that spring might be coming. Keep the not rain up over 2500 ft okay?

Lola said...

Oh no, not more of the white stuff. I do like that creeping Phlox. I had some of it when up there. Continuously tried to get it started in other places.

Christopher C. NC said...

33 degrees and rain Dianne. The white stuff may be above 5000 feet.

Lola if I don't find phlox in the discard rack I might consider taking divisions from my existing phlox after it blooms.