Friday, April 26, 2013

At The End Of April

The dogwoods bloom.

In pure snowy white.

The Virginia Bluebells are pink and blue. I hope the bluebell likes it here enough to prosper and multiply. It is a nice addition to the April bloom of the spring ephemerals.

The end of April is also the time of the trilliums. The newly introduced Red Toad Trillium, Trillium sessile is now in bloom.

This is supposed to be Trillium luteum, the Yellow Trillium. It looks green to me. My other new trillium, the Purple Prairie Trillium, Trillium recurvatum hasn't opened yet.

I kept looking. I do indeed have a nice established population of Trillium erectum in the garden becoming.

I'm not sure who this is. Is it Trillium cernuum, the Nodding Trillium? Note the slight coloration and large petal size. This group of trilliums also doesn't nod quite as much as the norm.

This is Trillium cernuum. It is by far the most common trillium in the garden becoming. The petals are narrower and whiter, though the colors do change as they age. The flowers are most often held well below the leaves.

Trillium grandiflorum is the showiest trillium of them all. This is the trillium that must be moved over to the garden becoming.

I'll be needing large colonies of these in the new garden to gaze upon from the front porch while I wait for the last frost date to pass and the main garden season to begin.

The lone Trillium erectum, Wake Robins, I have found in the deep forest are safe from being transplanted.

Deep in the forest there are other things to collect and bring over to the garden becoming. I could gather the seed of the Showy Orchis to sprinkle over here. It is time to go see if they are blooming.

 At the end of April the garden stirs.


Lola said...

Seems all is coming alive. It is about time. I always liked this time of Yr there as so much was coming alive.
My newly planted fig is finally leafing out. Sure hope I get a couple this yr. Cold happened to get most of peaches. Apple just now shows sign of leaf. I have another Lorelei bloom. So pretty.

Rebecca said...

We found a single Showy Orchis in bloom when I visited Great Smoky National Park in Bryson City last week....It was a field of wild phlox in their little "Island Park" that blew me away, though!

Sallysmom said...

I love spring and the wildflower blooms.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola we are still a couple weeks away until Lorelei blooms here.

Rebecca late April is a great time to visit GSMNP at the lower elevations for the wild flowers.

Sallysmom, spring is indeed good. The drive to work now with all the trees in bloom is most enjoyable.

Barry said...

Wow - it's a good thing, I think, that all that blooming is not audible, or you'd need earplugs! The locals here tell me that our winter and spring have been especially mild, but it has been a nice introduction to a 4-seasons climate where I can grow just about anything. The green is really nice after the bare-branch time.