Friday, April 19, 2013

Trilliums In The Wild Cultivated Gardens

It is easy to see why a gardener might covet trilliums they don't have even when they already have four different native species that number in the thousands and meander through the forest in an astounding spring display. The wild cultivated gardens on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top are the perfect habitat for trilliums. The unneeded notion of me becoming a trillium collector has unfortunately just entered my head. I just might do it.

The forest begins to wake up at 4000 feet. Hugging the ground is an astounding natural collection of the spring ephemeral wildflowers.

All that is required to enjoy it right now is to walk slowly and look. Come summer, the editing and selection process to favor this rite of spring will continue.


Lola said...

Spectacular. First go was wrong.

Barry said...

Trillions of trilliums. What a concept. I'm still traipsing across the reverted to wild wilds, looking at the various little plants poking up. So far, only some of the blackberry jungle has started its monopolization, but I just got some full-arm gloves today, and I tuned up the loppers. I'll burn the mess once they dry. And I know, get some Nubian goats. Sure. Cougar candy, I fear.

Christopher C. NC said...

Blackberries are on my hit list too Barry. My clients with goats have an electric fence, more to keep coyotes out than the goats in.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A beautiful tapestry of green. Love all of those mayapples too.

Heaven Scent said...

Hi Christopher! Those are gorgeous. I've never seen any in my woods. I just love the beauty in the second photograph.