Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ready For Spring

Fresh mulch, freshly planted creeping phlox. I tidy people's gardens and get them ready for spring. Now we wait to see what perennials will return. The daylilies and daffodils are up, no sign of the hosta or much else. Spring is definitely running late this year.

The discard rack is in the back with the mulch. Oops. I came home with three Butterfly Blue Scabiosa. Two dolla. I really wonder who decides what and when to discard. These scabiosa weren't all dried up and were loaded with buds. They looked fine. I should have bought more. Perhaps I will.

I do more planting than tidying in my own garden.

We are having cold cool now and more rain is headed this way. I would not be surprised if we get some more not rain even though that is not in the diagnosis. Starting Saturday it is looking down right spring like. Could it be?


Lola said...

Good deal on the Opps. I've tried them here. They are pretty. Hope the weather is on the spring way.

Gail said...

Watching your segment on Garden Smart. Beautiful gardens.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Gail. Thank you. It is interesting how the show plays at such different times around the country. The show turned out pretty good. They filmed at the height of the lull after the rhododendrons and before summer bloom kicks in. I had four years of pictures from all seasons and they made excellent use of them to really show the garden at its best.