Friday, April 12, 2013

I Never Know What To Expect

I have been planting numerous sacks of bulbs every fall for five years now at Client #1's. The garden was already full of bulbs when I got started. A couple of years ago the voles went on a rampage and ate up most of the tulips I had planted the previous fall and many more that had been there for years. Then they ate all the lilies. I got Client #1 to switch over to the poisonous daffodils.

I do remember where I plant the bulbs for the most part even if I don't necessarily remember what kind of bulbs I planted. Like how did those rogue small cup daffodils get in my Thalias? I know why there is a remnant tulip in there.

Remnant tulips still show up in a number of places. The voles missed several big patches of tulips which have returned and bloomed pretty well for many years now.

Down below the spring blooming trees have appeared in force. Bud has been broken. The green-up is in full swing. All that was needed was a string of 85 degree days and pow.

How did the Thalias get in bed with the yellow daffodils? I try to keep a theme or bold drifts of like kind going, but it is not unknown for some of my clients to mess around in my gardens behind my back. Twelve years of annual planting in a modest sized garden while relying on a vague memory can also have unforeseen accumulating effects.

Time, weathers, varmints and the almost undetectable environmental conditions can do strange things to each year's display. This year the hyacinth were looking meek while the daffodils have bloomed really well. I saw things bloom this year like Ipheon and Leucojum which have never bloomed before. I never know what to expect with so many bulbs packed into the ground.


Lola said...

I know what you mean about strange things as I have petunia blooming in ground where seeds fell out of window boxes, on fence, 5 yrs ago. Sadly that is the yr I broke my leg. I had already gotten the boxes ready with flowers. Didn't get to see any of them. Nature sure has a way of it's own.

Sallysmom said...

Beautiful even though the colors are mixed up.