Sunday, April 28, 2013

Stalking The Wild Things

I gave up on waiting for a hole in the monsoon weathers. After a nice nap it was time to head deep into the forest in search of the wild things. Last year at this time the Showy Orchis was in bloom.

A tiny white violet that I have never identified covers a great deal of territory deep in the forest.

The trilliums are a little water logged, but they are at peak bloom. The Nodding Trillium may have an advantage in this incessant rain.

The Trillium grandiflorum look a little more bedraggled. I need to move some of these soon while I can still tell whose who.

A lingering winter and cool spring have the Showy Orchis a little behind last year's bloom time. I see flower buds though.

I had caged both orchids to protect them from the deer who ate them in full bloom two years ago. The flimsier cage blew off the better looking orchid above. I re-caged it. The other is looking a bit smaller than I remember. A cage won't protect them from the slugs unfortunately.

The plant that dare not speak its name is waking up. Seeing how it unfurls will help me search for babies where I have been sowing seed.

It has it wily ways. It may not come up every year. They can go into dormancy/hiding for several years at a time if conditions are not suitable to their tastes. I just need to know where they are so I can collect the seed before the varmints can get them.

Deep in the forest with an umbrella, stalking the wild things while they are in bloom.


Sallysmom said...

Rain or shine - it's all beautiful!

Lola said...

Sometimes stalking is good. I remember doing the same. One can see a lot while doing this. I too knew where the unmentioned plant was & checked it often. I do have a pressed leaf form in a frame. Need to find someone that knows calligraphy so to put it's name therein.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lots and lots of rain Sallysmom.

Lola I like the idea of a pressed and framed leaf of the nameless plant.

Heaven Scent said...

Hi Christopher! It is so beautiful deep in the forest. Amazing how all that green is coming alive!