Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baby Shrubberies Bloom

It only took three years to go from a rooted twig to a blooming shrub. They are not even full grown yet and I'm thinking, did I plant these oakleaf hydrangea to close to the bamboo? I'll know better in a couple more years.

The flower and foliage contrast between the two is working as intended. As they both grow larger and begin to touch and mingle they will continue to crowd out the unwanted. That is also the intent. It could work out fine. They can fill the space how they wish so long as they fill the space.

Small divisions of hosta planted over a large space have grown large enough to bloom profusely and crowd out the weeds. My slow approach to garden making theory is proving to have some merit.

I plant directly in the Lush and weed around the baby plants and shrubberies until they are big enough to compete on their own. As I keep planting and weeding a more proper civilized garden begins to emerge. In the mean time I get to enjoy the blooming exuberance the Lush has to offer.

In time the Lush will be more subdued, a natural compliment to a planted garden. That's the theory anyway. Things could also go awry. I keep adding natural compliments to the Lush itself, many which have shown a wanton ability to self sow.

The Eryngium yuccifolium, Rattlesnake Master, I planted went to self sowing immediately. The baby plants are now blooming in their second season. I'll be gathering this year's seed crop for sowing further afield. Now if I could just get the Echinops bannaticus to be so wanton. I did find a few seedlings of it this year, but they are just sitting there in the seedling state. I'll have to gather and sow more seed of it again.

I want to get some Joe Pye going at the far east end of the sunny utility meadow. The Ironweed has been self sowing like crazy in the roadside vegetable garden. Those need to be moved while they are small. It would be nice to get the Verbena bonariensis established in more places. I have Milkweed to plant and the liatris seed will need to be collected and sown where new patches are wanted.

Yea right. Subdued I tell you. One day the Lush will be organized and subdued. Ha.


beverly said...

You are creating your own lush, ha!

Lola said...

Most beautiful. Sure miss all the beauty up there.