Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wet Foliage

It has been raining non-stop since noon yesterday. There was ample rain in the days before that. I was forced to clean house and it has now forced me to rest. And a miracle happened. I gained back some of the weight I couldn't afford to lose. Apparently I should sit around more and take a lot more two hour naps. It seems you can't gain weight by eating large volumes of cookies and baked goods alone.

I went out for a very short excursion in a section of mist before another downpour began. I kept waiting for a real break in the rain so I could plant my new Rudbeckia maxima. It never happened. They'll have to stay in the pots for another day.

The rooted twig of the Dappled Willow should be loving all this rain. This is good weathers for planting many things.

One of the other Green Fringed Orchids is blooming now. This location is where I first found them and they ended up getting crushed in my weeding last year. They have returned, but it seems they moved a couple of feet upslope from where I remember them being. I have no idea what this means in regards to their biology and status as a perennial. I just need to be more mindful when I weed there.

I already have a fair number of hosta in the garden becoming. Most of them came from the wild cultivated gardens next door. A few fell out of the ground and followed me home as tiny little sprigs. It is going to take a lot more hosta to create the six to eight foot wide, one hundred foot long arc sweeping across the garden becoming that is in my mind's eye. Maybe next spring I can begin dividing some of them.

A trickle of Japanese Blood Grass has started to flow. They say this stuff is supposed to be invasive. I'm still waiting.

Big Jack in the rain, arms in the umbrella position. I do get some pretty big Jack in the Pulpits. This one is a whopper.


Lola said...

Wet or dry it looks good. Wow, never saw a pulpit so large. You have magic. Yes, you need to rest more & eat more than baked

Lola said...

Left a comment, it didn't register.

Christopher C. NC said...

I found it in the spam folder. Odd.

beverly said...

This should be a great wet year to enlarge the hostas so you can divide them next year!
I remain awed by how fast you've picked up gardening here in the lower 48 after living in Hawaii so long. amazing.