Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Melts

I wait.

The melting process can be slow and tedious at times. The snow does not want to give up its cold. This is now day three of the melt. By appearances there has been little progress. By depth we are making headway.

A tiny patch of snowdrops will have a chance to bloom. The rest of the bulbs still wait. I saw no signs of them before the snow. I am not expecting to see them immediately once the snow is gone. It takes more spring than that.

This spring is off to a slower start than last year. That is probably a good thing. Last year was the worst bloom ever of the daffodils. I think it was weather related to the freakishly hot January, but it also led to the discovery that the daffodil bulb fly was here and killing off some bulbs.

A second systemic pesticide and fertilizer treatment will be done to the daffodil again this year after the bloom is finished. We don't need no maggots feeding on the bulbs and killing them.

I wait.
It melts.
Spring will arrive at some point.

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