Thursday, October 1, 2015

Asters Before A Deluge

Three kind asters in one picture. That's a few asters short of all the aster varieties on this mountain.

Blue is the dominant color. That blue can't hide it and the endless rain can't undo the brown crispy from the former dry spell. I'm having some fond memories of the former dry spell.

Here are three shades of blue asters in one picture. We are under a flash flood watch for the next three days. My hope is the asters won't be pressed firmly to the ground three days from now.

There are a few weeks of extraordinary color left if things don't get completely squashed.

The byways of WNC are awash in color just like this now, the blue and gold of asters and goldenrod.

Wild things lurk in there, right off the edge of the road.

One of them was following me before the next deluge began.

I guess squashed asters are better than no asters. The bees did not seem to mind.

The rains continue. They say for three more days. Something is bound to get cleaned.

Out there in a garden are wet asters. Will they dry out and fluff up before they are done?


Lola said...

I hope they do fluff.

Lola said...

It ought to be clean.