Saturday, October 31, 2015

Almost Over

It doesn't look like this anymore. The first two pictures were taken last Sunday before the Big Wind arrived.

The Big Wind took 60% of the foliage. The remainder has been falling steadily since.

It doesn't even look like this anymore. Barren is now the dominant feel of the forest.

It was a good fall. I even got good color in plants I don't normally because hard freezes usually get them before they have a chance to turn.

This may be the first year my itty bitty Japanese Maples had the chance to get the fall color they are so famous for. I am at the edge of their tolerance. They leaf out early in the spring and shed late in the fall. My average growing season is more constricted at both ends than they prefer.

I got good color on my Fothergilla and Witch Hazels too. The Lush has had a chance to turn that it doesn't often get. Making it to Halloween without a killing frost is a first.

Killing frost or not, the barren time is unstoppable. The freezing cold will come at some point. I have a box of bulbs that needs planting now though. I will just have to push my way through the still half green reminders of the time of vegetation.


Lola said...

Even with the winds it still looks good.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Your fall has been quite nice. Ours hasn't been quite as good this year. Still on the dry side. The cold weather is coming. I am ready.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola it is pretty naked up here now.

Lisa we had the one dry spell. It is over. I'm certainly ready for some hard freezes. I'm willing to wait a bit for snow.