Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Bloom Day

There are a few more days left in the time of vegetation. I see freezes scheduled for Saturday through Tuesday morning. This extra crispy fall is about to get crispier.

Today there are flowers for Bloom Day. I have autumn crocus.

I have a nice patch of the Yellie Mum. All the other mums did not do so well the past two negative digit winters. The Sheffie Mum was engulfed by the Lush. That didn't help either.

One out of five starts of the newest pink mum survived. Now if the cats would just stop doing their business on it. Of course that might make it better next year.

I have some fall color.

And a lot of blue and white asters to go with my fall color, for a few more days anyway.

The native Witch hazel, Hamamelis virginiana is starting to bloom. Weathers depending it could keep blooming into November. Lisa, time to watch your Witch Hazel.

The chimney has blue asters.

And a bit of fall color. Soon the world will be all naked. The time of vegetation is coming to an end.

That is when the mums come in, at the end. I found this one down in the sunny utility meadow. I bet there will be all kind mums to see at Bloom Day headquarters. Stop in. Have a look around a blooming planet.


Sallysmom said...

What is that turned red by your door?

Lea said...

Very nice! Love the Autumn Crocus!
Have a great week-end!

Christopher C. NC said...

That is a maple tree Sallysmom.

Lea those Autumn Crocus are a bit like a promise of spring after you make it through the winter. Remember. You have early bulbs.

Dana Foerster said...

Just beautiful, :-) Christopher!! I've been here for 5 days.....have to go back to FL tomorrow. :-(

Lisa Greenbow said...

My witch hazel is blooming!!! It was so exciting to go out and find it full of those crinkly little yellow blooms. It has fully reverted to the original. I don't care that it has reverted. It is so cute as it is. I didn't even remember to put it in my GBBD post. ha... Happy day.

Lola said...

Love that blue. Saw lots of the Blue Asters while there. Sat. was the day,