Saturday, October 24, 2015


Maximum color was achieved this week during the Sisters visit. I had suggested that was a possibility.

It's all down hill now to the barren time. Rains began this evening. They left just in time. Hurricane remnants are in store for the rest of the week. The picture perfect week is over.

If the remnants come with wind, it could be all over by the end of the week. But I saw fall, all kinds of fall. It is a bit different everywhere I go.

It is peaking at my house this weekend.

The Objets de will start to make more of a show in the garden as the barren time takes hold.

Fall is the best backdrop for the chimney.

Before they all fall down.

This may be the last morning tree glow I see from the front porch this year.

It's peaking.

And it was good.


Sallysmom said...

The colors are all so beautiful.

Rebecca said...

What interesting whimsy exists amidst the colors!
You are surrounded by beauty.
I stopped twice to take pictures on my way home from my parents' home last night.
The rain had stripped as much as 1/3 of the color from the trees, I'd estimate.
Autumn's decor never last long enough for me.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Simply gorgeous.

Lola said...

Gorgeous is all I can say.