Sunday, October 4, 2015

Slightly Battered

We got lucky, only 12 inches of rain in the last ten days. South Carolina got smacked with that much rain in as many hours and then some. Now a lot of that water that fell east of the continental divide is headed towards an already flooded South Carolina.

My water flows to Tennessee. I won't be adding to South Carolina's misery.

I have been stuck inside for three days while it rained. So have the cats. We are handling it.

I did venture out today. It actually stopped raining. The garden isn't anymore battered than it already was from the first nine inches of rain. Once something has been laid low, a little more rain can't hurt.

I woke up to no power when a certain varmint wanted out. When I woke up again three hours later, I rose to the sound of chainsaws. The utility company was clearing the line that branches off of the roadside vegetable garden pole, crosses the byway and goes to one of my neighbor's houses.

They chopped and dropped on his side of the byway, thank you, and then on up the driveway. What I want to know is why is our electric line is so sensitive to flapping branches? It shuts off the power in the least amount of wind just from branches touching the lines.

I have seen plenty of places in town where the trees literally rest on the wires for weeks and months at a time. Nobody in town seems to be losing power like we do on a regular basis. What's up with that?

The sun may come out tomorrow. It may be out for most of the week. The battered garden has one last chance to perk up and be blue before it is all over. Think perky!


Lisa Greenbow said...

I will be thinking perky for your garden. I hope it pops up with the sun.

Barry said...

So good to read that you got "only" a foot of rain. [Coulda been worse...!] I have the same problem with power lines alongside maples, cypress, and doug firs. Earlier this year, a very industrious crew finally trimmed most of the branches that tickled the lines. We lost power only once since then. Hope your crew took out enough of the flappy branches.