Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall May Be Broken

It is quite possible I complain about fall being off every year. Then every year I am proven wrong. Fall comes. There is glorious color and all is well. This year I am not so sure. I think we lost some leafage early to the dry spell.

There are quite a few mornings of frost in the extended diagnosis. That may help with the color. It will sure help dry the grasses so they stand better through the winter.

Do you notice anything missing? My mega bright orange 'End of Roadwork' sign is gone, just when it might have fit in.

As long as there are still green leaves, there is hope for good color. There is still a lot of green on the mountains out there along with entire stands of bare naked Tulip Poplars.

The Sisters are coming. I suggested the third week of October. There are three days left to see some real action.


Lisa Greenbow said...

This is an odd fall. DRY here. Still no rain. Leaves are falling after turning brown. Not so pretty.

Lola said...

The leaves on my oak tree are coming down. Small so makes it hard to rake.