Sunday, December 13, 2015


The glass bottle edging tends to disappear during the time of the Lush. The wild flowers have a bad habit of self sowing outside the lines and I am not ruthless enough to maintain a clean edge. Maybe next year.

In the barren time the wide curving sweep of the bed is more apparent.

Wide curves are repeated again and again in the garden. Straight does not come natural to me.

I spent a couple hours fetching rocks to add to the top of the lower dry stack stone wall. The improvement is subtle. The wall was not in need of any major repair. It was just a light touch up. This raggedy wall has been standing unmoved for eight years now. Not bad for my first real retaining wall.

I installed a drain in the basement patio floor in case the floor should ever be turned to stone. It would take a mega rain for it to work now. All that gravel can absorb a lot of water. I feel certain it will flow out the lower end of the patio before it ever overflows into the drain. I may find out tomorrow.

Red bricks and tan bricks are now set in the gravel. Half of me says keep it simple. Leave it as is, subtle and understated. The other half of me says add glitter. It seems glass mulch is sold as a filler for gas fire pits. I might be able to find a small bag of it at the big box store.

Dung, da dung, dung ... dung! The planting pocket is ready for spring. It has a big Joe Pye. I added a Boneset. I will leave the Flattened Oat Grass and add either sedge or variegated acorus to cover the ground.

The basement patio is now official. It only took eight years from the initial inspiration to the finished product. There are of course a number of small details that can still be attended to. All in good time.


Lisa Greenbow said...

You have all winter to find a nice table and chairs. You will want to use the nice space next spring.

C. C. said...

I love it! Yes to the glitter.

Lola said...

It all looks good. Just imagine how it would look at night with some glitter. After a table & chairs have been put in place. Sitting there at sundown resting after a hard days work. OMG.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the table and chairs can wait. No need for them to sit out all winter. There is some painting I keep thinking of doing, the underside of the front and back porches.

CC I have seen several gardens with blue polished glass in the gravel pathways and thought that was way cool.

I am imagining that Lola. How would glitter look with the basement patio lights on or in the setting sun? I look forward to hot and cool beverages down there next year.