Saturday, December 12, 2015

It Is Done

Almost, always almost.

You just know the plumbing repair had a drip. I refused to tighten it one more spin. I was not going to be having another busted part. The pipe dope will just have to set and the rust and dirt can plug the drip. I need water when the kitties visit next door for Christmas.

I'm supposed to burn up all the rubbish Sister #2 is making in her land clearing in the back 40 for more turnip fields. It isn't really a top of the list item. I might get to it if the weather and boredom cooperate.

Winter is no where to be found at this point. It's freaking me out. If it doesn't show up after the new year, I may just keep working. The Posh Estate and another garden I tend that is going to be on the master gardener tour next year need fresh mulch. It is amazing how fast that stuff decomposes. I may start mulching early if we are not going to be having winter.

I did finish the last of my Silver Lamium spraying for this year. The warm temperatures we are having will aid in the killing process. The foreground of this picture was covered in lamium two years ago. Over in the top left is the last island of lamium left in the ridge top garden. I did spray the top edge of it. The rest of it may go next year.

The garden stretches farther than the eye can see in both directions from where this shot was taken. The lamium was well on its way to covering the entire mountain top before I put a halt to it.

I started moving gravel when my chores next door were done. I added another inch to three quarters of the patio. When that was done I tossed the bricks around.

I had to test out Glitter Bricks.

The Glitter Bricks did have a certain appeal. Interesting. I just thought it was too random and informal for the strong formal structure of the basement patio. There will be no Glitter Bricks.

The decision was made. The bricks were sunk into the gravel. I can change my mind anytime I like. I don't see that happening unless I get struck by a vision. That can happen.

Tomorrow I will go rock hunting to do some touch up on the top of the lower wall. A couple of buckets of dung will be put in the planting pocket. Rain is scheduled for tomorrow night into Monday to wash the dust off the bricks and gravel. That will make the bricks pop a little more than they do now.

All the basement patio needs now is a table and some chairs. I wonder if I could find a red and brown mix of polished glass mulch. A little glitter might not be so bad after all.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I like the ring of bricks around the polesies. A little glitter never hurt anything.

Lola said...

I really like the final agreement. I love the lay of land when all the leaves are gone. You can see all.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I am going to look for a small sack of glitter and do a test sample. It would be a pain to remove it once it is mixed in the gravel.

I like the final arrangement too Lola. You sure can see all when the leaves are gone.