Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stuck In El Nino

Can I just say I am tired of rain. I am tired of rain. My laundry is done. Even folded. That is the hardest part of laundry.

During an intermission, I went for a walk. Both 'Jelena' are in full bloom. 'Diane' is in the contemplation phase. One of the 'Diane' did not set very many buds at the end of the growing season. It won't amount to much bloom wise this year.

Will these be the only kind snowdrops I see this winter? Cold is coming. There has been no suggestion it would be joined by snow. At least it is looking to be rain free. I am tired of rain.

The rivers are full. The streams are running high. The ground is saturated. The air is thick with wet. Compared to many others, my El Nino is being kind.

But I am tired of rain. Give me snow. Plenty snow. Maybe I will mop the floors.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mop the floors? That is serious cabin fever setting in. Happy New Year.

Lola said...

Oh I hate cabin fever. Happy New Year.