Monday, December 14, 2015

The Wind Blew

I was expecting more. The satellite image showed a massive storm. All we got was a little wind and the tail end of some rain as it moved north instead of east. It does look like we may get another round of wet on Thursday followed by some freezing cold. We need freezing cold.

The rain came right in the middle of the day, the worst time for my work schedule. Once I come back home that is it. It doesn't matter if the skies clear and the sun comes out. Work will have to wait until tomorrow.

It was too wet to work at home though and there was a bit of a wind chilly. When I fetched the mail I checked in on the new drainage canals off the scenic byway the DOT built for me and stopped to have a look from above. It's getting there. In a couple more years the evergreen winter under garden will be making a real statement from above.

The wind slacked off quite a bit once it started raining. Only half my red bricks got the gravel dust washed off. I won't have a hose until next spring. Maybe the next rain will get further under the house. Snow is quite good at getting under the house. It is time for snow.

It is also time to move on to another item on the list. What will I feel like doing next?

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