Friday, December 18, 2015

They Lied

The day's high temperature was ten degrees short of the estimate. That high occurred shortly after I woke up this morning. It wasn't a very big high to begin with. It was a pretty low high and we didn't go anywhere near it.

The wind kept picking up speed as the day wore on while I waited for the high that never showed up. Stepping outside got more and more miserable. My earlier thoughts on some chores that might get done when it warmed up a tad were frozen in their tracks.

The cats refused to go out.

It was one of those days where the big adventure was going up to the mailbox. I looked at the roadside vegetable garden knowing it can have more dung, I have plenty, and needs a fresh layer of wood chip mulch. Wood chips are so much better and longer lasting than bagged mulch. My supply has been cut off though. I need to find a new source.

Freeze dried grasses swayed in a wind that was beginning to howl. Without proper layers I had no business being outside.

I went back in and did a little paper work for the upcoming Winter Blooms art show. All the photos in the show will be for sale as reprinted framed pictures. I needed a sign up sheet for that. Garden owners who find a picture from their garden in the show get the picture for free.

The wind was growing fiercer by the hour. Then the sky began to spit white specks. The temperature kept falling further away from the suggested high. The chance of snow had been cancelled yesterday. There was no mention of it now and no fine print saying "except for the higher elevations along the Tennessee border."

I could look at the radar myself and see someone was just making stuff up. It is true my forecast is for Clyde proper fifteen miles away as the crow flies and down in the hole of the Pigeon River valley. I have to extrapolate from that. Ten degrees and snow is just more extrapolation than I expect.


Lisa Greenbow said...

You need to get those indoor chores finished so you can play, I mean work, outside when the weathers permit.

Sallysmom said...

That winter blooms art show sounds wonderful! If I weren't so far away I would come. What is the red in that 2nd pic?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa indoor chores are soooo hard.

Sallysmom I have high hopes for the art show and no expectations. That red is the last leaves on a shrub rose.