Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Will It Get Cold Soon Enough

I see four days of freezing lows in the diagnosis starting Saturday morning. Hopefully it is a trend that will settle in for a spell. It is getting to the point where winter needs to get started immediately or be cancelled altogether. I see big troubles ahead if it warms right back up after this coming round of cold.

The bulbs are waking up. They should not be doing this until mid to late February. I found crocus.

I found the first daffodils waking up. December is way to soon. The daffodils at the Inn and the Posh Estate are further along than this. They are in real danger.

All five of my Rudbeckia maxima have started to put up new growth. We need winter. We need it now and it would be best to have some deep snow cover.

All this fresh growth is highly susceptible to being damaged or killed should it decide to get polar vortex cold before winter is officially over. Up here that means April.

It's fine if the Witch Hazels bloom. It is not fine if they decide to break leaf bud dormancy.

Even conifers and evergreens that have not been set to dormant by a proper regimen of cold can very easily be damaged by sudden swings from way to warm to normal winter lows.

All this fresh spring growth needs to come to an immediate halt. It needs to get cold and stay cold now.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, it is just like this around here, very unsettling.

Lola said...

Doesn't look like it will.