Saturday, December 19, 2015

Just Enough Degrees

Round about 9:30, the first beams of light reach over the mountain to shine on me. The dried remnants of the Tall Flower Meadow and  grasses are illuminated as if lit from within. Many of my mornings start with this glittering spectacle. Add frost or rime and it is magical.

Will it be warm enough today? Can I go outside and do something? Can I toss the beasts out and leave? Many mornings, no matter the bright light, warmth is slow to come. I linger.

By early afternoon, just enough degrees were present for me to spread the rest of the gravel to better define my parking lot. The pile is gone. I feel better. Ten tons of gravel have been distributed.

Defining the parking lot also helps define what is going to be the squash and melon department of the vegetable garden annex. I have great heaps of well aged dung. I have flat ground in full sun. There is no reason such valuable real estate should be growing weeds.

The weeds of course will have to go. I won't be hoeing or pulling them by hand for the initial assault. The heaps of dung need to be spread out. A determination of pathways has to be made. The piles of collectibles may need to be thinned and reorganized.

I would like some sort of back up friendly visual delineation for the vegetable garden annex. I'll need to take a few spins around the parking lot. There are some things I already know, without painted stripes, parking a car in an orderly fashion becomes a huge mental challenge for most people. And in a contest between a car and a garden, the car always wins. It's best not to fight it.

I have a new winter project.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

I hope you have some more rocks collected to make a point as to where the garden begins and the parking area ends.