Sunday, June 5, 2016

In The Ridge Top Garden

It was wet and icky when I woke up. The sky did not look in the least bit promising. I watched the radar with my morning coffee and saw my opportunity for mowing the paths next door was closing. They would have to be whacked wet.

Five minutes after I was finished it began to rain. My only option at that point was to brush off the sticky wet bits and take a nap.

Three hours later it stopped. It was late. It was still wet and icky. The sky did not look in the least bit promising. I was not in the mood for another round of editing.

Mowed paths are the miracle workers of the wild cultivated gardens. That touch of order can make so many sins disappear. It calms my maintenance gardener self.

Now mind you the ridge top garden still needs some dedicated editing time. I'll probably spend a few hours during the evenings this week prowling the garden pulling the unwanted.

Bulbarella is still planting new hosta.

It is time to start uncovering the ones she already has.

The ridge top garden is about an acre and a half of woodland shade garden. It isn't hard to edit. The weeds pull easy. The time to cover that amount of ground thoroughly and with an eye towards spiffy is harder to come by.

There is only one of me and one Kousa Dogwood tree by my front porch where I can sit and rest.

I edit for scenes like this. Pretty spiffy isn't it.


Lisa Greenbow said...


Dana Foerster said...

Yes....quite spiffy!! Pic #3....what is the pink bush behind the gazing ball? And Pic #8 is the essence of Lush as described by Lisa.

Lola said...

Spiffy indeed,

Christopher C. NC said...

There is Lush, plenty. I need more spiffy.

Dana the pink blooming shrub is a Deutzia.