Friday, June 24, 2016

Wild Texture

I garden for texture as much as for floral display. What that means for the Tall Flower Meadow is breaking up the simple leaf syndrome of the dominant aster family members.

The native and autonomous Flattened Oat Grass, Danthonia compressa, is a big help when the meadow is still short. At full height this grass gets lost. In places it forms its own brand of meadow.

Think texture as we stroll the wild cultivated gardens.

Grasses are a big help.

Linear leaves contrast with simple leaves.

A big splash of color doesn't hurt. But I cannot tell a lie. This is Bulbarella's doing. I just borrow it.

Simple leaf syndrome can still produce a bounty of color. This is about to pop.

I've been working on the wild flower end of the roadside vegetable garden. Not being a big priority, it is rather slow going. Last year I added dozens of liatris.

Think texture and blooms.

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Rebecca said...

What a perfect place to create, display and celebrate texture...