Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Wet Chicory

Some much needed rain fell in the last two days. I wish more of it fell on the other side of the county. It's still way to dry over that side. I like rain. It also scares me a little as the Lush grows high. Floppage is a recurrent problem for tall things. It can be mild to damaging to season ending depending on the storm surge. So far so good.

Or so so depending. The tree does not fall far from the apples. Fortunately I don't care.

Average needed rain, plus a heavy set of apples and a rotten trunk equals one fallen tree.

First came the loppers to cut off all the smaller branches.

Then came the chainsaw to remove the trunk.

It was a wild apple tucked into the forest, so no great loss. However, I did not want it sitting in the bottom corner of the Great Lawn on top of my baby red twig dogwoods.

All cleaned up and tossed back into the forest where it can decompose and return to the earth.

It will all be dry and fluffed back up by morning. I will stop to gaze at the chicory before I start my day.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I love seeing that blue haze along the highway when traveling this time of year. I am glad the apple tree iddn't cause any damage.

Lola said...

Good for you. Glad the apple tree didn't do any damage.