Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It's Bloom Day In June

And the wild flowery things have started their show.

Rose Campion is most often seen in more civilized garden settings. Here it must revert to its more wild origins to compete. A little editing can give it an assist.

Carolina Lupine, Thermopsis caroliniana is here. It does not want to self sow despite producing large quantities of seed.

I have been making an effort to sow seeds in flats to make more. The slugs have been winning that race and I have made two more. One per year. This year it may be none. Nothing has germinated in the flat of seeds I sowed unless they were eaten the second they came up. The remaining seeds were tossed into the wild. I've had better luck with late summer sowing.

In the life of grass

There is bloom of a different kind. It is quite showy when viewed with the proper eye.

I do have blooms. I have more blooms with each passing day, but in an ocean of green, big bold foliage and texture play a very important role.

I have Louisiana iris in bloom. Black Gamecock is my first. I don't think the others will bloom this year. The plants are still too small.

Black Gamecock lives in two locations.

Three of the discard rack Hesperaloe parviflora are blooming. They survived our milder winter with some loss to voles and a bit of center leaf rot. The bloom may or may not be a good sign. The jury is still out on their long term survival in the wild cultivated gardens.

Bloom is good. Vigorous growth would be a better sign.

I have a big fat clump of orange lilies.

She said get them out of here. I don't want no stinkin flowers I have to dead head. So I got them out of there.

Dead head? What? Are you kidding me? Dead heading is a waste of time. There are dozens of other much more useful garden chores. It was in her, I hate flowers phase. Now that there is regular help, she likes flowers again. I'm keeping the lilies.

The daylilies have begun. In another two weeks there will be hundreds and hundreds of them scattered across the mountain. Bulbarella likes daylilies.

The wild things are sprinkled throughout.

Will these be the only black petunias you see on Bloom Day? They will go nicely with the Voodoo lilies when they come up. You can wander all the Bloom Day links at May Dreams Gardens to search for other black petunias.

That's Bloom day for June.


Lola said...

Christopher,have you seen mullieum anywhere around you?

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes we have a little bit of mullien here. It comes and goes.

Angie said...

Many pretty blooms there in your garden right now. It's been a pleasure visiting.

Lola said...

I need to learn how to