Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Woodland Garden

It must have been looking particularly fetching at seven thirty this morning.

That is when the phone rang.

We were in the woodland garden cutting some flowers for arrangements before the kids arrive tomorrow and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it looks. You really know what you are doing. It looks so good.

Early morning is a good time for a stroll, I said.

They may not be aware the woodland garden is still a work in progress. I relocated some trilliums last year. They all came up this spring. Some bloomed. I added two viburnum and three yellow twig dogwoods in the sunnier area by the upper road. The dogwoods came as rooted divisions when I cut the parent plants down this spring for new growth. The fall blooming asters are returning under my editing regimen and this spring there was a very nice bloom from the Golden Ragwort. Columbine and Foxglove have started to self sow.

All to often I move through gardens with my head down and a narrow field of vision. I don't stop enough to take in the bigger picture. The woodland garden is looking rather fetching right now. In the low light and cool dew of early morning, it might be breath taking.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Simply gorgeous.

Lola said...

breathtaking it is.

beverly said...

Always nice to hear compliments! It looks beautiful.

Rebecca said...

You really MUST walk through your Woodland Garden with your head UP more often! This IS really enchanting.