Saturday, June 4, 2016

It Is Possible

My morning was spent in the garden on the upcoming tour. It is getting a little extra time and attention to make sure it is spiffy enough for hundreds of lookers. My afternoon was spent editing in the ridge top garden next door. I want it spiffy enough for me.

There is a world of difference in style between the garden on the tour and the wild cultivated gardens. My garden and the sunny utility meadow were well edited this spring. They are looking wildly spiffy. Now I am able to devote a little more time to the ridge top garden. It is just as wild.

The ridge top garden is not my first priority. It actually is pretty much the last. Even so, I have spent countless hours tending that garden over the years and preventing it from going completely out of control. You might say I have even made some progress.

It is possible the ridge top garden is only some motivated editing away from spiffy. The cast of characters over there is very different from my garden, but the same principles of removing the annoying, cleaning around the cultivated and leaving the rest be is the road to spiffy. Mowing the paths is the final touch to make order out of chaos.

Tomorrow after I do that when it doesn't make my hair stand on end I will take some pictures over there. There are times when the ridge top garden can make my maintenance gardener self just a wee bit agitated.

This I can handle, no problem.

It is possible because edited can look like this in the wild cultivated. It is possible because during our strolls this spring I made a concerted and successful effort to remove all the Velcro Weed so it isn't wrapped around and sitting on top of things making the job that much harder.

Is it possible I am close to having three acres of wild cultivated looking spiffy on an annual basis? That would make my maintenance gardener self oh so relaxed and happy. I'd be able to chose a new weed to eliminate.


FIGGY said...

Hello outside clyde:
When will your property be on a garden tour? And What tour? Would love to come, live in knoxville tn.

Lisa Greenbow said...

One day I would like to see your garden again. It has changed so much. You are doing a fab job in keeping it looking wild and yet cultivated.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Figgy. Our gardens were on the 2014 Haywood County Master Gardener tour. There are no plans at the moment for being on another public tour. It is more friends and acquaintances who tour the garden these days.

Any time Lisa. My garden in particular has changed significantly.