Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Perfect Day

From almost 10am sharp until 5pm there was a perfectly spaced flow of visitors. There was a chance for them to say hello to people they already knew, to meet new faces and to experience the wild cultivated gardens pretty much on their own.

It was a surprise and a pleasure for me to meet a few of my more anonymous local blog readers

It was a beautifully cool morning with a hint of breeze. The hot held off until three. One brief shower slowed the last guest's venture into the gardens.

The view from above at the start grabbed their attention and lured them in.

I made sure they were hydrated and made most of them eat haupia. Refreshing was the general response.

While I spent my time visiting and orienting people to the layout of the gardens from the cozy cabin, I had a map, word came back from several folks that Bulbarella was out in her garden giving private tours. I saved her some haupia.

It was a perfect day.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I am so happy for you that it went well. Now you can relax.
What is haupia?

Sallysmom said...

So very glad all went well. Next year, I guess your mom should just go ahead and get officially on the garden tour.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa haupia is best described as coconut jello, though technically it is a custard like technically a tomato is a fruit.

Sallysmom there were quite a few Master Gardeners who showed up. When they get sent out looking for gardens for the tour this place will be on their minds no doubt.

beverly said...

So glad the weather was perfect, you had planned well and everyone enjoyed themselves. Some day I will be one of your visitors; sounds spectacular and my style of gardening!