Saturday, August 20, 2016

Open Garden Day

I was out there doing path maintenance for next Saturday's open garden day when the skies let loose. I wanted a good rain. It has been on the dry side. After yesterday's shower it was still dry as a bone beneath the trees. It takes a good rain to penetrate the forest canopy. Otherwise all that water gets stuck up there unless a good wind shakes it out.

I wanted a good rain, not a hard rain. A hard rain at this point has the potential for leaving an unwanted lasting impression on the Tall Flower Meadow. The meadow must remain perky for another week. So far so good. A decent amount of water has fallen without any undue bending. The Angelica is still standing.

The Angelica is more sturdy than a lot of the other wild flowers that make up the meadow.

They would be the last to bend. And there is a mighty fine crop of Angelica blooming this year. This is a self sowing biennial so the show varies from year to year. Would you like to see it? Come Take a Walk on the Wild Side this Saturday.

There is a mighty fine crop of Ironweed in the roadside vegetable garden. I really need to do something about that. My fine produce wants the sunlight it is stealing. I can harvest the seeds at least before I get ruthless.

It's a mighty fine meadow that is still a couple of weeks away from peak bloom.

Very soon the asters will join in. You'd have to come back to see that.

I can finish my path maintenance tomorrow after it dries out again. Weed whacking wet is just nasty. I had already walked the entire three acres cutting floppage over the paths to get ready for the mowing. There isn't much left to do. The rest of the weekend can be spent admiring.


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Oh! I remember this season Outside Clyde from previous years' photos! Still haven't seen it in person. SO beautiful. Almost like an Impressionistic painting.