Tuesday, August 9, 2016

After The Dry Flood

It started raining an hour before the flash flood watch ended and has been raining off and on since.  It has been the definition of widely scattered and the rain hasn't amounted to more than heavy humidity when it does fall. It's a dry rain.

Further south where most of my work is, it was a wetter more consistent mist and rain. Enough for me to call it quits and go home where I have a blooming meadow to look at. I have a slightly cleaner house now too.

Rattlesnake Master in the Tall Flower Meadow.

This is Joe Pye.

Another key player in the Tall Flower Meadow is Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum. Once there were a couple of them. Opening up space with editing has increased their numbers dramatically.

Take a walk on the wild side.

The Goldenrod has started. One species of Goldenrod, I have four, Solidago canadensis, is determined to take over the entire meadow. I am going to have to put a halt to that. I'll worry about that after the show is over.

Now is the time to sit back and enjoy.


Dana Foerster said...

I was wondering when your Goldenrod would be debuting. Do you have a clump of it near the Iron weed? Those colors are great together.

Christopher C. NC said...

There is goldenrod everywhere Dana.There will be some next to the ironweed. It is a good color combo.