Monday, August 15, 2016

August Dreams Bloom Day

It begins in August.

The tallest denizens of a mountain top meadow save themselves for an end of season showing.

September is for the asters. The really big show can last until the middle of October depending on when the first killing frost arrives.

August begins with Joe Pye, Ironweed and Boneset. The Goldenrod follows.

The ever lasting blooms of Rattlesnake Master linger on, adding another texture to a changing meadow.

Butterflies swirl and float above. Even higher on my front porch, I gaze upon a meadow in motion.

Life is buzzing all around.

See the path? See the meadow. It is well above head high in places.

Black Eyed Susan is tucked below in many many places and spreading ever further.

Not yet. The Tall Flower Meadow has not reached peak. It is just beginning. There is more color to come.

There is more to see when you enter the garden. Spikenard, Aralia racemosa was relocated to the garden two seasons ago. It must be happy. It is blooming and setting seed.

Lobelia siphilitica, Great Blue Lobelia, is another end of summer blooming, understory inhabitant of the Tall Flower Meadow. It self sows rambunctiously.

The driveway side bed is full of Boneset and Blue Wood Aster. I'm waiting for the asters.

I wait all year for August Dreams Gardens that lead into the crescendo of bloom in September. I hear someone else has an August Dreams garden. I bet she has pictures.

I wait all year and today the utility company stopped by to tell Bulbarella they would be trimming the trees in the easement in the next couple of weeks. Really? I think we need to have a little talk about that.


Linnae said...

Your meadow is simply lovely! Thanks for the tour!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Happy GBBD. Love seeing this explosion of blooms.

Lea said...

So beautiful! Like Paradise!

flutterandhum said...

Wonderful to see this beautiful butterfly paradise! Tell the utility folks to come back in January.