Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Porch Views

It was a good day today. My mornings start with a view from the front porch over the Tall Flower Meadow that gets more colorful by the day.

The phone rang early. The man from the utility company wanted to stop by for a visit before I left at nine. Come on over. I am here. This was my chance to save the blooming meadow from being squashed at its peak glory from the tree trimming needed to keep the power lines clear.

I told the man right off I'm not some tree hugger who is worried about you trimming the trees. I am fine with that. It is the timing I don't care for. You got the message I left yesterday? Without any hesitation he said, we will wait until November 1st to do this section. I'll pull my guys off and have them stop at that pole down there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made me a very happy man.

He didn't seem to be in the mood for a tour of the tree line or any extra chit chat so I let him go. I'll wait until November 1st was good enough for me. We can talk specifics then. But he said yes when I pointed out two damaged trees I wanted to go and wasn't sure he would consider them too close to the lines.

I can sit on my basement patio and watch the meadow do what it should until the killing frosts start the process of knocking it down. Stompage from tree trimming won't matter then. By spring it will have been forgotten.

He did say one other thing. This isn't as bad as I thought it was. Yea. No shit. You are talking to the reason why. I knew this day was coming. I have been preparing for this for nine years. The plan was to make your job quick and easy.

Now that area down below you is really bad. Yea. No shit. The power goes out every time it rains hard or the wind blows because you have this line set on a hair trigger shut off.

The peak bloom of the Tall Flower Meadow is saved from getting squashed. That is all that really matters

Speaking of squash. Holy dung pile. There is going to be a bumper crop of butternut squash and one of the mystery squash is now identified as delicata squash. I have one giant blue pumpkin and lots of warty yellow and orange squash. Cantaloupe which were the original plan are still a no show. The vines finally started growing, but are now getting buried by the butternuts.

I may have set up a free squash stand along the scenic byway.

It was a good day. The Tall Flower Meadow was saved and a much needed afternoon shower left a quarter inch of rain. I'll take a bit more of that please. Gently. I don't want anything squashed.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I am thrilled for you that the tree trimmers will not go through your garden at this time. I think if you talk to them ahead of time they usually try to comply.
I thought of you today while driving through some of the wilds of Southern Indiana. As we drove along the tall flowers of the meadows were shining, especially the Joe Pie Weed.
Happy day.

Rebecca said...

Glad it all worked out.
I like the way you've trimmed the "porch" with the rocks.
Wish I could share the bumper crop of squash you anticipate.
I have recipes!