Monday, August 22, 2016


When I move slowly and absorb the smallest detail, the rest of the world slips away.

I see the first hint of fall in the changing leaves of a Cornus alternifolia. This morning's cool temperature suggested the same thing.

Late season path mowing is a much easier chore. Time is left over to inspect my work.

Time is left over to move at a snail's pace and to find a crawfish strolling the freshly mowed path. I assisted him into the stream.

When I stand still the life buzzing all around me comes into focus.

There is a feast happening on the Angelica gigas.

Bumblebees in particular park themselves on the cauliflower tops.

At times they seem to become drunk on the nectar.

Immersed in the meadow the world passes me by.

I can truly get lost in the roadside vegetable garden. Bent over while harvesting, I am invisible to the travelers passing by.

The vegetable garden is tucked inside a walled room made of meadow.

Where the tall ironweed grows.

Once you enter, I would suggest moving slowly. Absorb the details. Let the rest of the world slip away.

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