Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Sack Of Fine Produce

Anything that hasn't bloomed yet is budding out. The big end of summer show approaches.

I have some mighty big Joe Pye. It is one of the first to bloom.

The bloom period is quite long and the flowers age beautifully. Joe Pye maintains its presence quite well until the last aster blooms.

The often towering Ironweed is right behind Joe Pye.

It's favorite home is in the middle of the roadside vegetable garden. I have only had the heart to thin it out a bit, thinking of it as a seed source for spreading to the meadows. One day when the meadows have more ironweed, I will have to remove it from the vegetable garden. A plant that tall is a sunlight robber.

No matter. I get plenty sun. Late summer is also harvest time and I have been pulling sacks of fine produce out of the roadside vegetable garden. This year we are having a glut of cucumbers and I have been taking full sacks of them to the soup kitchen.

I know what I am having for dinner tomorrow.

A bumble rests on the side of the vegetable garden. I should follow its example.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I love iron weed and have never been successful getting it to grow here. I have a hybrid Joe Pye that doesn't get near this tall. What a plant you have. Your dinner looks yummy.

Dana Foerster said...

Just love Iron also looks smashing next to a patch of Golden rod! The soup kitchen is lucky to have your donations.

Christopher C. NC said...

My Ironweed is starting to live up to its weed potential and getting a foothold outside of the vegetable garden where it is pretty much a pest.

Dinner was BLT and oven roasted vegetables Lisa. Yummy!

Dana I am hoping the Open Door is liking my cucumber contributions better than the zucchini I dumped on them last year.

Dana Foerster said...

Christopher....a friend of mine works (or used to work) at the Open Door and Thrift Shop in Frog Level. Her name is Janet R. Her husband Larry is a contractor who remodeled my cabin's kitchen and set up other needed repair work. She gave me several plants for my woodland garden. If you happen to see her there, please tell her "Danna" Foerster says "hello"!