Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Walking With Flowers

Sister #2 brought me another one of her glass flower creations when she visited last week. On the second attempt, the big box had four foot pieces of rebar in stock and I was able to make the stem for placement.

I have quite a collection of art flowers now. I thought it might be time for go for a walk in the garden with flowers and change things up a bit.

First stop was the path down to the basement patio. Meh.

That is kinda cute, but I did not like the view of them from the front porch. Nope. The front porch view is critical.

The Kousa Dogwood is right off the front porch.

Placement is everything. The back side of the glass flowers are not quite so showy.

I headed deeper into the garden.

Black Iris #3 had two bloom stems this year. Ever so slowly they are multiplying.

I went with the metal collection of art flowers by the front porch.

Yes. The glass art flowers found the perfect home just off the Great Lawn in the shady greenery by the steps leading into forest part of the garden. They really work as a focal point to draw the eye to that path of exploration.

It's almost time to take a good whiff of the Carrion Flower.

I have big bold foliage if you are not into that.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Looking good. I like the flower placement. I most often look at the garden from the patio doors. Everything in that point of view has to be pleasing. I like big foliage. I can't seem to get something with big foliage to grow in my garden. I will find something one of these days.

beverly said...

Love both the real and the glass flowers! wow, she should have a business if she doesn't already!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa have you tried one of the ornamental rhubarbs? They should be hardy and tough enough for you.

Beverly that is going to be one of Sister #2's crafts to make a little supplemental income when we are all retired and running the Roadside Possum Stand of Mountain Crafts and Curios along the scenic byway.