Friday, July 7, 2017

A Walk In The Garden

Cue the sounds of happy birds singing in the forest.

To tired to do when I come home, I have spent the last two weeks just being in the garden.

It dawned on me as I walked and marveled at what was happening that nothing called out that needed to be done.

It was time to let the garden just be what it wanted to be this year.

Everything is good.

I don't have weeds that have to be pulled.

Today was the first time I thought, well yes, I could do a little editing in there.

So on Sunday I will do what amounts to a minor touch up and stroll the grounds with gloves and my weeding glasses.

But other than mowing the paths, the garden is pretty much in charge for the rest of the season. I won't have weeds until next spring.


Leslie Kuss said...

I love that "time to let the garden just be what it wanted to be this year". It looks lovely in your garden.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Yes, it looks lovely. It is a good thing since you are working your tail off.

Sallysmom said...

Everything is beautiful.

Christopher C. NC said...

Leslie that is one of the amazing things about this garden. There is a time to just let it be what it wants to be. I first noticed this a few years ago. That time seems to come a bit earlier each year.

Lisa that is literally true. I'm having to cinch in my belt another notch. The only place there is anything to spare is my tail.

Sallysmom it is amazing!