Sunday, July 23, 2017

At Full Liner

The underlayment and rubber liner are now in place beneath the Almighty Falls. I opted to do it by myself in the peace and quiet. We are at full liner now.

The chances that the falls section will be 100% water tight are slim. I had to work with the falls I had and they were not the best.

I am going to give it all a closer look with water sealing glues and potions in hand. Adjustments are a given. The actual drop of water will be watched during the rock stacking. Final adjustments to drop and flow can only be done when that is finished.

Water loss will be kept to a minimum. Maybe I will get lucky and get it all. It's really all about keeping the flow inside the lines. Splash is another matter.

I see a splash here that can go away. That's were rock fiddling comes in.

The plan is to feed the spring into the pond from three, maybe four, different places where I can catch some of it. If water loss is kept to a minimum, these springs can easily make up the difference and then some. I expect that the pond will be operating on constant overflow as the fresh spring water feeds the system.

It will be an Almighty Falls for sure. There are just a few more rocks to stack yet.

Can you imagine thinking building an entire 120 foot long stream and water fall out of dry stack rock, plus a few other random processes, is the home stretch? It is. Praise be that I will have help.


Lisa Greenbow said...

It is getting exciting.

56steps said...

Really exciting

Christopher C. NC said...

I might be more excited if I wasn't wore out and fretting over losing water.