Saturday, July 1, 2017

Up The Almighty Falls

In last week's episode, we stopped at the base of Almighty Falls. There has been progress. I must say my Cobra Head Weeder makes an exceptional archeology tool.

Decades of accumulated dirt and organic debris was carefully scraped off the rocks with its fine blade. I did not want to dislodge or destroy the stacked rock below. Better to use what is there if I can.

How much damage did the two large flat stones on the left do when they slid down the falls?

I still don't know because I haven't been able to get them moved yet. I will not attempt it on my own.

There is more than enough to do while I wait for those two big rocks to move. The right side of the falls beneath that giant boulder needs to be refilled. The wall in that corner is gone.

A river channel forms.

The huge skimmer was placed in position. A final settlement and water level check will be done when the pond itself is formed.

It's a big pump, big time heavy. The outlet is three inch diameter.

Plenty else to do yet. One hole in the wall is now covered. This will get blended in to the finished stone of the stream bed.

One section of the upper channel was a bit low. It needed building up. Keep in mind everything you see now will be covered in geotextile and rubber liner. Another stone creation goes on top of that.

The three inch pipe was released from bondage to get it to start thinking about uncoiling.

Now I need those two rocks on the left moved. I got a solid yes, just not a good when. The stacked rock on the right beneath the giant boulder are inching their way up the slope. I have to go fetch rocks for this now. It takes a bit longer.

There has been rock sorting up and down the falls and touch up on the walls of the channel base. After the initial channel is built it is good to look at it again and again and think like water and a rubber liner. A more solid base can't hurt.

It dawned on me yesterday that with the Almighty Falls I am building a monumental earth work, a massive stone sculpture. I have done this a time or two before. I have just done it over the course of many years. The Almighty Falls needs to be done in a month.

Building a monumental earth work also means to me it has to work right, out last me and look incredible. I can't do unnatural or cheesy in stone. That means I have to slow down my mind. I will not feel rushed. Let this place and let these stones speak to me.

It is already a given that three sections, one at each tier, of the solid slabs of rock will be left exposed. I can't improve on that. The question then is, what if anything can you plant on a solid slab of rock that stays wet all the time? That is for another day.

Going down the Almighty Falls.


Lisa Greenbow said...

It is beginning to look promising.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes indeed it is Lisa. I was quite happy that the upper channel was in place and usable and that my excavations below revealed a solid slab of rock top to bottom. It's the best footing ever.