Monday, July 24, 2017

Excitement At Almighty Falls

The all important stacking beneath the falls is under way. That was the pile of rocks that needed to be moved today. Ignore the lower section. That is the rock fetcher's delivery pile.

I gave up on my 'ode to Appalachian walls' idea of making the channel edges look like dry stack stone walls when I realized it would take a lot more effort and a lot more rocks.

After two hours of stacking it looks like the ode will still be there. This section beneath the falls is not going to look natural. It is going to look man made. Given all the parameters I have to work with, that is just how it is going to be. And I am more than fine with that. It's my ode.

The sound of the falls has already begun to change. The initial roar is calming down as rock and flow begin to join. I just need to keep it all inside the lines.

There is an island to build where the stream parts ways. When I had to give up my 'ode to Appalachian walls', the island took on a new form in my mind's eye. It will look purposely man made, but what will my island be?

1 comment:

Lisa Greenbow said...

Exciting to see the water tumbling over the rock whether it looks man made or natural.