Monday, July 3, 2017

The Rock Wiggler Was Here

Rushing water has to leave here and land down there. Neatly. The water has to stay between the lines.

The Rock Wiggler was here this morning and slid those two large flat stones further down the falls into their final resting place. They will be used to make the channel.

I did my gentle archeologist excavation on the left side to see what was there. Hmm? I did not find a cache of nice flat stacking stones like this further down the river in my diggings. Where could they have gone?

I'm thinking I will be needing some wide lines here if the splashing water is to stay between them. Think rubber liner with big funnel ears. Hmm?

Yes I think I will need to go wide to catch the Almighty Falls. A pond that loses too much water is a pain.

It's got to land neatly down there.