Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Around The Great Lawn

My brain is full of pond scum and my body is moving in some other time warp. I don't like it. I did have a rock fetcher today. That was nice.

My garden is amazing right now and with the long cooler evenings absent wet and rain, it is very difficult for me to go inside and sit.

A nice meditation is very good for finding peace with a mind full of pond scum. The body is another matter.

So I wander, moving in another time warp. How are the planted plants doing in the time of the Lush?

Most are doing quite well. Good editing does wondrous things.

The planted are now an integral part of the summer garden.

The wild dances around them.

I might pluck a thing or two as a wander for a bit more definition or elbow room, but the garden is content. I can take off my weeding glasses and consider the whole.

Apparently my garden is in the midst of the Faerie Land period. My take has more of a horticultural bent. Mostly I wander, just looking in silence.

Yes. The mobeel was a score. Two was fate. I did as the universe asked.

Will there be a heiau left in me after the Almighty Falls? I have a feeling it will be the last pile of rocks I stack in this life. I just need more rocks. Close by.

I move on after a long pause on the Great Lawn. There is more garden to see.

Eventually it is time to go in and sit. The body's time warp has slipped into another orbit.

1 comment:

Lisa Greenbow said...

I am sure the falls are physically taxing. Do take care of yourself.
Your garden is a solace.