Sunday, July 16, 2017

Plumbing The Almighty Falls

Plumbing the Almighty Falls is rudimentary in concept. So is spreading out acres of rubber liner.

There is a pump at the bottom and a single water line that runs to the top. Pay attention to the white lines.

There is a filter at each end. In a normal world the skimmer at the bottom would be set in the ground outside the pond. I was given walls to work with.

The pump is connected. A water level check is underway.

The filter falls at the top has a more normal set up. It could certainly be sunk in the ground if needed. I was given a cement bottomed channel to work with in an existing hole of sorts.

Now it needs a rock house to hide it and a base for the rubber liner. The plumbing is connected.

There are of course plenty particular plumbing procedures for ponds. The rudimentary can veer off towards the complicated if you let it.

The real assembly of a water tight Almighty Falls is underway. There will be several test procedures along the way.

About those white lines. They are the water channel boundary markers, the base I built. You can scroll back up and look again. I had a vision about them.

I was given walls to work with. Instead of trying to make an obvious artifice look natural, I am considering building free form, serpentine, squared off, dry stack stone walls as the water channel edges, an ode to Appalachian walls. The bottom of the channel will still get rounded river rock.

The Almighty Falls becomes more sculpture. There will be three exposed portions of the solid slab of rock beneath and planting pockets along the sides. The Almighty Falls becomes more a sculpture in/on and blended to the natural.

How does that sound Miranda?

The good thing is I am a gardener and can plant a vine over the mistakes. It also wouldn't be that difficult to pull a wall like that apart and go all, as natural as I can fake it. Leaks are another matter.

I did stop and admire the chicory this morning before heading out to do the plumbing.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

That is a mountain of liner you had to deal with. Whew. It is going to be nice.