Saturday, July 29, 2017

Another Truck Load Of Rock

It is so big the whole thing won't fit in one picture.

This is the end of week five of building the Almighty Falls. When asked if I had the time to do this, I said no. This is five weeks of part time building that is coming out of their gardener's time and an extra day on the weekend.

The direction and flow of the falls is in the zone. I can fiddle with the particulars later.

Another full truckload of building rock vanished into the main stream bed. My dealer has been doing a good job making sure there is a constant stash on hand.

It is what it is given the parameters I had to work with. It won't be winning any zen awards. It will be a monolithic testament to ........... I'm good with that.

More falls.

How much more rock will it take?

And more falls.

I'm also the landscaper. I can plant over the ugly if need be. And soon enough there will be bright shiny objects dashing about the pond.

It's too big to fit in one picture or to see from one view. My life has truly turned to pond scum.